Skateland was built in 1950 by Stewart and Bee Fahrner of Helvicia, WV. It was owned and operated by them until 1959 when it’s current owner, Bob Stell became a full time partner along with Fahrner. Fahrner retired in the mid 1960’s as Stell took over as owner. The Stell’s still own and operate the rink today.

Skateland has seen many cosmetic changes to the building and skating area over the years, but still remains true to its original purpose - a traditional, family oriented skating rink that’s fun for all ages.

When it was first built it was a simple concrete block building consisting of a hardwood maple floor, small concession and skate rental area, wooden benches, and restrooms. Traditional skating music was played (Roller Records, waltzes, marches, and organ music) over a humble sound system.

As walls were painted and windows removed, improvements to rink progress until this very day. During the sixties and seventies, some of the traditional skating music was replaced with top 40 hits and current instrumental favorites. A giant mirror ball was added in the middle of the skating rink as the disco years approached (which is still used today). Computerized lighting, rotating spheres, high intensity lights, and mammoth sound system were all added in the 1980’s and 1990’s. A new hardwood maple floor was installed in1996 and improvements are being made constantly. We always look for something new to add to our unique skating experience!

Even with all the changes that have occurred through the years, Skateland still keeps up the tradition and philosophy of its roots....a traditional family oriented rink that’s fun for all ages.

Skateland * South Kanawha Street * Buckhannon * WV * 26201